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How To Make Bank With CPA and SEO

posted Nov 18, 2010, 7:15 AM by Tỷ Phú
I'm going to show you how to easily find a product with low competition
and rank in the top 3 of Google using three linking strategies which work 
for me time after time.

First, let's talk about how much it costs to run a full time Internet
Marketing business...


These methods involve the use of paid tools and outsourcing costs, you
can get away with doing this all manually, but be warned that the tasks 
involved are VERY tedious.

The tools I use are SEnuke and My Article Network (MAN).


IMO SEnuke is the best investment you could ever make if you're going the 
SEO route, using the tool for 1 hour will save you at least 8 hours of 
manual work creating accounts, submitting content, and bookmarking 
your pages.

Using the social network module will give you tons of backlinks from high 
PR domains.

The social bookmarking module will give you some quility link juice and 
get all your pages indexed quickly.

SEnuke costs $127 per month. See my sig for discounts.

My Article Network

M.A.N is a huge network of blogs which you can post your content to.
using this service will give you hundreds of contextual backlinks to any
page you wish, the PR of the blogs are mostly 0-1, but what we're after
here is link diversity.

M.A.N is $47 per month. See my sig for discounts.


Using freelancers to outsource your work to will make Internet Marketing 
a hell of a lot easier and a whole lot more fun.

I outsource 3 things in my business:

1. Graphic Design - I SUCK at graphics. Over at Freelancer.com you 
can get stunning logos, banners, headers, any custom graphics you need 
all for pennies on the pound (cheap!).

But BE WARNED... Set yourself a limited budget for graphic design, you can
get carried away making your site look just the way you want, on one of 
my first blogs I went way over budget without realizing it.

I reccommend leaving the graphics till last, that's if you even need them.

2. Article Writing - I SUCK at writing articles, I have a short 
concentration span and just don't enjoy writing at all!

At Freelancer.com you can pay peanuts and get quality articles written on 
any subject.

I outsource the writing of my product reviews and spun articles. I pay $5 
for a 500 word product review and $15 for a 2,500 word spun article (I'll 
get into this later).

3. Profile Link Building - I'm sure that by now you're all familiar with the 
backlink packets available from Angela Edwards, Paul Johnson, Joe118, and 
many more members on this forum.

I can't reccommend these enough, you can get lots of link juice from 
dropping links in the profiles you create on the high PR domains that they 
find, you should be using them, period.

You can either buy the link packets yourself and pass them to your 
freelancer, or find a freelancer with link building experience and good 
reviews because most will already have access to some packets.

I outsource this task as it's very tedious work. I pay $30 for 100 profiles 
containing 2 links. Thats 200 links @ 15¢ each.

Outsourcing Tips

Only hire freelancers with experience and good reviews.

ALWAYS ask for samples of their work.

Give them a test before you hire them:

  • When posting a graphics job describe what you want doing, ask to 
    be sent a mock up from all bidders, choose the one you think is best 
    and workwith the winner until it's just the way you want it.
  • If your after an writer ask each of your bidders to write you a sample
    article on the given subject.
  • Ask link builders for previous work examples, they'll give you excel 
    sheets containing links - check if they're all still active.

After a month or so of testing different freelancers you'll soon find yourself 
with a great little team that you can rely on to get the work done without 
breaking the bank.

Remember - the whole point of outsourcing is so you get more time to 
spend working ON your business rather than IN it.


SEnuke comes with shared proxies, but due to other members of the 
program spamming sites most of the shared proxies are useless.

I use this service:

Your Private Proxy

I buy 10 private US proxies each month for $29.97, you can refresh your 
proxies each month.

Domain & Hosting

Domain from Godaddy - $10 (search for coupons here)

Hosting at Hostgator - $0.01 hosting in my sig.

Expenses Summary

A lot of you will be pretty shocked at how much it can cost to run an 
Internet business, I was.

Subscription tools and outsourcing costs can seem expensive at first, 
but if you use the methods I'm about to show you, you could easily be 
banking $200 days.

If you can't afford the expenses right now my only advice for you is.... 
Save up, get a job or sell your kidney.

Slugging it out in I.M with no budget to work with is business suicide. 

Thats the truth!

You may get lucky making a few dollars here and there, but you'll soon find 
out that you're earning less than minimum wage for at least 3 months.

Even if you worked for a week flipping burgers you'd be able to pay for 
more than a months outsourcing. Seriously. Leverage.

How To Make BANK!

Thats enough preperation, let's move onto the bit where you make some 

Choosing A Product To Promote

We're going to be promoting free trial CPA products here, simply because 
you need less traffic to make a sale (CPA converts much more than CPS)

To find a decent offer just ask your affiliate manager what the highest 
converting NEW free trial offer is.

Remember we want NEW offers (2 months or less) as we want as little 
competition as possible.

Now we need to analyze the competition to see if it will be possible to rank 
for the highest converting longtail keyword - 

"product name review"

For this next part you'll need the SEO for Firefox plugin from SEObook:

SEO for Firefox Extension: Free SEO Toolbar Firefox Browser Plugin 
Install the plugin, restart your browser and you're good to go.

What we want to do now is search for each product using the following 
search string:

allintitle: "product name review"

Using the 'allintitle:' query we're only going to be pulling up our direct 
competition who are trying to rank for "product name review" by using on 
page SEO.

I'll show you an example and you can follow along, I'm going to be looking 
at the competition for a weight loss offer called 'HCG Ultra Diet Drops'.

It's a free trial offer that pays $36.50

Step 1

Google: allintitle: "HCG Ultra Diet Drops review"

Here's what I find:

Using the SEO for Firefox plugin I can see some stats for the top three 
direct competition pages.

The only stats I'm interested in right now are "PR" and "Yahoo! Page Links"

As you can see, the top three all have low pagerank and very few or no 
backlinks to the page.

We've now worked out that the direct competition is weak, we'll move onto 
step 2.

(If the direct competition is strong, choose another product)

Step 2

Now we need to see if any of the top 3 direct competition are ranking for 
the phrase without quotes.

I search for HCG Ultra Diet Drops Review with no quotes:

As you can see, position 4 is taken by one of the top three direct 
competing pages. As this page has no pagerank and only 27 backlinks we 
can easily take its place with some good on page SEO and link building.

Taking a look at the results above the position we're targeting I can see 
they're pretty weak too. I think I'll easily be able to rank higher than 
position 4 with the linking methods I'm about to show you.


  • Ask you affiliate manager for a new high converting offer.
  • Analyze the top 3 direct competition, if they're weak (low PR, low 
    page links) move on, if they're strong (PR2+, 400+ page links) choose 
    another product.
  • See if any of the top 3 direct competition are ranking for the 
    keyword phrase without quotes, if they are - GO FOR IT.

Create Review page

This is the easiest part, most of you will already know how to set up a 
blog so I'm not going to go into it in much detail here.

The steps:

1. Buy a domain. Theres big debate about wether or not to use the 
keyword in the domain name... I don't. If I'm going to promote weight loss
products I'll just use a domain like carlsweightlossreviews.com

I concentrate on ranking the individual pages and not the root domain. This 
way, after I've done a few link building campaigns to my blog there will be 
plenty of internal link juice to spread around to any future reviews.

Over time you'll also own an authority site, one that you can flip for BIG 

2. Get hosting - $0.01 hosting in my sig.

3. Install wordpress and get a SIMPLE theme.

4. Sort out your permalinks 

5. Install the following Plugins:

Akismet (Included with your blog setup, just activate)

All in One SEO Pack:

WordPress › All in One SEO Pack « WordPress Plugins

SEO SearchTerms Tagging 2

WordPress › SEO SearchTerms Tagging 2 « WordPress Plugins

Dagon Design Sitemap Generator

WordPress › Dagon Design Sitemap Generator « WordPress Plugins

URL Rotator Plugin for WordPress

URL Rotator Plugin for Wordpress | Ad.Ventures in Internet Marketing

Use this plugin to mask your affiliate links.

6. Find 5 related keywords. For this just use the following:

Product Name Scam
Product Name Reviews (plural)
Buy Product name
Product Name Trial
Free Product Name

7. Write your product review and an article for each of the related 
keywords above. Include the main keyword and 5 related keywords in the 
body of all the articles. I outsource all this for $15.

8. Post the product review on your blog using proper on page SEO. Put 
the search phrase at the beginning of the title and the URL, use it in the 
subtitles, image names and tags.

9. Post one article a day for the next five days.

10. Done.

Link Building

Your blog is now set up and you should have at least one post - The 
product review.

You'll need to install the Rank Checker Firefox plugin from SEObook 
to monitor your rankings:

Rank Checker - Track Google, Yahoo! Search, & Bing Rankings Free

Now lets get it to the top of Google!

There's three linking strategies below, as the keyword we've chosen 
seems pretty easy to rank for you'd probably only need to use one of 
them. I always use a minimum of two for safe measure.

To make this easier for you to follow I've included diagrams with each 

Let's begin with the cheapest and less time consuming...


For this method we need to create 100 profiles on the high PR sites found 
in any of the backlinking packets found here on this forum.

Creating the accounts, verifying them and dropping the links can take upto 
2 days, a freelancer will cost you $30.

(There is a module in SEnuke for this, but it's very buggy at the minute and 
I don't use it)

We're going to be linking to both the root domain and review page of our 
site using anchor text variation.

What is anchor text variation?

To put it simply... Google count's all your backlinks. If all your backlinks use 
exactly the same anchor text there's a good chance your blog will end up 
in the supplemental index, and all your hard work will go to pot.

Using anchor text variation will make your links look more natural, avoiding 
any punishment from Google. Ya dig?

Here's what I tell my freelancer to do:

1. Create 100 accounts.

2. Place 2 links in each account with the following anchor text:

URL 1:


Anchor Text:

HCG Ultra Diet Drops Review
HCG Ultra Diet Drops Scam
HCG Ultra Diet Drops Reviews
Buy HCG Ultra Diet Drops
HCG Ultra Diet Drops Trial
Free Product Name
Click Here

NOTE: Please use each keyword equally

URL 2:


Anchor Text:

HCG Ultra Diet Drops Review 
HCG Ultra Diet Drops Scam
HCG Ultra Diet Drops Reviews
Buy HCG Ultra Diet Drops
HCG Ultra Diet Drops Trial
Free Product Name
Click Here

NOTE: Please use "HCG Ultra Diet Drops Review" for every other link 
(50%), the others can vary.

Make sure you look for a freelancer with previous 
experience with backlink packets. 

Just list your job as 'Angela Edwards type links' and you'll find plenty at 

Once your freelancer gives you the completed report containing all your 
profile URL's you can follow the steps below:

1. Go to Icerocket RSS builder and register a free account:

IceRocket Free RSS Builder

Once inside, create an RSS feed containing all of your profile URL's 
and save the URL of the RSS feed.

2. Either manually or using SEnuke, create accounts of as many social 
bookmarking accounts as possible.

3. Either manually or using SEnuke, bookmark the brains out of that RSS 
feed! Now go to the RSS feeds of your social bookmarking accounts and 
save the URL's. SEnuke grabs these for you automatically.

4. Go to RSSmix.com and create a new feed that combines your 
IceRocket and Bookmarking feeds.

5. Either manually or using SEnuke
, submit your new RSSmix feed to 
every RSS Aggregator you can find.

6. DONE!


This linking strategy is killer! Follow it through and you'll index every single 
profile URL in under 24 hours, giving you that awesome link juice all at 


Article Spinning

The next two methods require the use of spun articles. I don't have the 
time to write a detailed spinning tutorial here, but here's a quick overview 
of the process.

(I outsource this)

Step 1 - Write a 500 word article related to your niche.

Step 2 - Manually rewrite the title 10 times, and each sentence 4 times. 
Add the proper spin syntax around the rewrites.

Step 3 - Using software, spin every 4th word. Add the deep spinning syntax.

Step 4 - Add links with anchor text variation.

* Article spinning is very time consuming, it takes practice and theres no 
way around it if you want to do it yourself.

You may be able to find freelancers with spinning experience, but they're 
pretty rare. I had to teach my writer how to spin, it took a few weeks but 
it was worth it.

If you want to get your hands on pre spun articles, Vita Vee was a WSO 




First we need to add our spun articles to My Article Network. I put 2 links 
in each article with anchor text variation, 1 to my index page, and 1 to the 
review page.

TIP - Add your article to the system 3 times in three different 
sub-categories to get the maximum distribution.

Once your articles are live they will be distributed to other wordpress blogs 
in the network.

Each time another blog publishes your article it will send a pingback to your 

A pingback is just a notification that another Wordpress blog has linked to 

You'll find each pingback in the comments section when you log in to the 
admin area.

Follow the link from the pingback and you'll find one of your published 
articles, along with a backlink.

What we need to do now is get those backlinks indexed.

Open up notepad and paste the URL's of all the blogs which have pinged 
you. Each time you have 20 URL's to index, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Log into IceRocket and create a new RSS feed using the 20 URL's 
you want indexing.

Step 2. Either manually or using SEnuke, bookmark that RSS feed as much 
as possible. Now go to the RSS feeds of your social bookmarking accounts 
and save the URL's. SEnuke grabs these for you automatically.

Step 3. Go to RSSmix.com and create a new feed that combines your 
IceRocket and Bookmarking feeds.

Step 4. Either manually or using SEnuke, submit your new RSSmix feed to 
every RSS Aggregator you can find.

5. DONE!


Using a network like M.A.N creates the illusion that lots of different blogs 
are writing about your content, and Google loves this.

And following the steps above it's possible to index hundreds of backlinks 
to your site every week with very little work.



We're going to be posting our spun articles to article directories and social 
networking sites, allowing us to get backlinks from lots of high PR domains 
which Google loves.

For this method you'll need to create accounts on lots of sites, manually 
this takes a LOT of time, SEnuke can automate 90% of the work for you.

I don't reccomend posting your spun articles to EzineArticles as 90% of 
mine never make it through the review process.

Some article directories allow links within the articlebody, some do not. 
This means you will have to do two different runs with SEnuke with 2 
variations of the spun article, one with no links in the body, and one 
with links.

Go easy on the links, I only put two links (index and internal page) in each 
submission, this increases my stick rate.

And I don't try building link wheels of any variation, I'm only going for 
backlinks here, not trying to rank each property I create.

Let's begin...

Step 1. First you need to create accounts on each site you want to 
submit your content to, remember to use different proxies for each set of 

Doing this manually can take forever, using SEnuke it takes under an hour.

Save your log in details and the I.P of the proxy you used in a text file 
for future use. SEnuke can save your log in details for you.

NEVER log into multiple accounts on one site with the same proxy.

Watch the SEnuke training videos and read the message boards for more 
information on account creation.

Step 2. When all accounts are ready, begin posting your content. Save 
the URL's of each property you create.

Step 3. Add those URL's to an IceRocket RSS feed.

Step 4. Bookmark the IceRocket feed as much as possible. Save the URL's 
of all your bookmarking account RSS feeds.

Step 5. Combine the IceRocket feed and bookmarking feeds using 

Step 6. Submit your RSSmix feed to every RSS aggregator you can find.

7. Done!


Using this method will bring you lots of super high quality backlinks from 
sites which Google loves. And following the steps above you'll be able to 
index all your submissions in lightning speed.