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How to Create Backlinks to Increase Your Position on Search Engine

posted Nov 18, 2010, 6:54 AM by Tỷ Phú   [ updated Nov 19, 2010, 10:39 PM by Unknown user ]

The best way to get a quick burst of traffic to a blog quickly and easily is to take advantage of social bookmarking. Social bookmarking gives you exposure on social Web 2.0 sites such as Digg and Propeller. Also it

builds links for your blog, and can get it indexed quickly.

If you want a totally free service that will allow you to submit bookmarks to 50 social bookmarking sites at once, I suggest using Social Marker.The interface is very easy to use, and can submit to a large list of sites as long as you have an account there already. I have a personal preference on submitting social bookmarks in a safe way so that I do not get banned. I create three to four accounts at the top 25 sites. I split the bookmarks so that I'm not bookmarking the same site on an account more than once.A very good way to get a blog indexed quickly is to submit the main page to Digg.Usually your blog will be indexed within 12 hours or less.Another way to get quick traffic to a blog is by simply submitting articles. By submitting articles to article directories, you get more exposure since webmasters goes to these directories to use articles. When they use your articles, they have to leave your link there, so you get more exposure when webmasters publish your articles on their sites.Also, it helps you build your reputation as an authority in your niche. This way, those interested in your niche will go to you to learn more information. Also, it gives you more backlinks to your blog, which helps you rank higher on Google.

The most popular article directories to submit to are:

1.Ezine Articles
2.Articles Factory
4.Articles Base
5.Article City

I personally take one of my blog posts and rewrite it a bit. I take the first and last paragraphs, rewrite three sentences in each paragraph, then add a new last paragraph that has a call to action. This paragraph

basically tries to convince the reader to visit my blog for more information on whatever the article is about. I also include a few sentences describing myself and what I usually write on my blog. Then I submit the article to article directories.You can also outsource someone to rewrite an article for you. Rewriting an article is cheaper than having someone write an article from scratch. Article rewrites are usually $1.50- $2.50 per article. I suggest taking the most popular articles on your subject from articles directories such as Ezine article, then have your freelancer rewrite them.For submitting articles to multiple article directories at once, I use Article Submitter Pro
It can submit to over 50 article directories as long as you have an account on that site. The best part is that there's a version that's totally free.

Raising Your Rankings Overnight

The best way to raise your rankings quickly is through backlinks. The best part of Wordpress is most of the on-page SEO work is done for you. And if you set up a blog the way I've outlined in the main report, then your blog should be very well optimized for high search engine rankings. The only thing left to do is to build backlinks.
Don't underestimate the power of backlinks. One high quality backlink to your blog can change your rankings overnight. Here are the my top strategies for getting backlinks to a blog quickly and easily.

Interview A Site Owner

One of the best ways to get backlinks quickly is to interview a site owner. To look for sites related to your niche, just type in a related keyword + website into Google. For example, you can look for dog training websites by typing "dog training websites" into Google.On most sites, they will have a way you can contact the owner. Usually you can send a quick e-mail asking them if they would like to be interviewed. Tell them that they can more
exposure on your blog, and that you will link back to your site.Once you publish the interview, the owner will likely link back to your site. This will also provide good content to your site's readers, and will serve as a good content generation technique if you run out of content to write about.

Another way to build backlinks quickly is to comment on related blogs. When putting a comment, you want to make sure your comment is meaningful and add to the discussion. you don't want a comment that will be seen

as spam, or else it will get deleted.And of course, you want to leave a link to your blog on the comment. Just remember to make sure your comment is high quality. Don't just leave comments like "Nice blog' or "nice
post" or "I agree". I usually write at least a a paragraph to comment.To find related blogs, I suggest using a free tool called Comment Sniper.To find related blogs, just type in a related keyword. Then you can sort the blogs by
Pagerank or Alexa rank. I suggest sorting by Pagerank. Comment on the blogs with the highest PR ensures you get maximum exposure. Blogs with high PR usually get a lot of traffic, and will give you a much higher quality backlink for your blog.

Ask For Reviews
Another way to build backlinks quickly is to ask for a site review from webmasters. This can be done by asking for comments on webmaster forums such as Sitepoint and Digital Point. You basically ask for webmasters to give you feedback on how to improve your site.This can also be asked by contacting related site owners in your niche by finding their sites on Google. You can also ask other blog owners in the same niche to review your site.Then you do the same for them, and then you link to each other. It's a win/win situation for everybody.

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