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How to add Google Sitemap for Blogger blog

posted Nov 16, 2010, 9:49 AM by Tỷ Phú   [ updated Nov 16, 2010, 9:51 AM ]

How to add your blogger blog sitemap to your Google Webmaster tools ? - my blog readers often ask me this question. Unfortunately, Blogger blogs don't have real sitemap and you can't create it. But do you know that your RSS or Atom feed are some kind of sitemap?

'Why do I need to add sitemap to Google?' - Well, the short answer is : it will help Google to crawl your blog pages better and faster.

You can add your RSS feed to Google Webmaster Tools and Google will use it like sitemap of your blog.

How to add sitemap (RSS) to Google Webmaster Tools

1. Go to your Webmaster Tools

2. Your blog mast be added to Google webmaster tools, if not - read How to add Blogger blog to Google

3. Welcome back! ok, now choose your blog in webmaster tools dashboard (click on the link)

4. Go to 'Sitemaps' , and click 'Add a Sitemap'. Choose type: 'Add General Web Sitemap' and in the field put 'rss.xml' (ggg) . Click 'Add General Web Sitemap'.


5. Done, Cheers...