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Get Paid Cash For Your Pictures at Share A Pic

posted Apr 23, 2011, 3:19 AM by Unknown user

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Why not earn some extra money when share image ? People can upload their pictures to a website, and the more views the image receives, the more money they can expect to earn.

Then you will be able to log in to your account, and start uploading your own images to the Share A Pic site. Members can browse through other member's images, and also members of the public can view the images on the front page.

You can also upload the images to your own blog, website, bebo, faceparty, facebook, myspace and any other kind of social sites you might use. Then when people view your images you can still earn money ' and by being able to upload the images to various other sources, you are therefore multiplying your own revenue.

Currently Share A Pic is the only website that we are aware of which pays other users to share their pictures on the Internet, though there are bound to be more sites like this cropping up on the Internet soon.

Share A Pic has just under a thousand members, which is pretty good considering the site hasn't been established for very long. Membership at the site is completely free, to join you simply have to visit the site and fill in the application form on the page.

Making Money From Your Images

Making money with Share A Pic is simple . You earn money for every image view that you manage to receive. So if you upload a photo you took of your pet dog, and you manage to receive 10 image views, you will earn 10 x whatever the set payment rate is.

The payment rate is dependent on the earnings from advertisements shown on the Share A Pic website. Share A Pic earns money from adverts shown on the same page as the images that you upload. This is how they can afford to pay you for each image view you receive.

The Share A Pic website states that if they received a certain amount of money per month from advertising, they will anticipate a figure of money that they will split amongst the members of the site. This figure will be divided by the number of image views received in that month. So if the figure ended up being '0.005, then the earnings for that month for you, per image, would be the image-views multiplied by 0.005. So if one of your pictures received 1000 views, you would expect to earn £5. (1000 x 0.005 = £5).

Joining Share A Pic

At the moment Share A Pic allows sign-ups from all countries worldwide, though they only pay out in US dollars and only pay via Paypal. Share A Pic will usually pay out every 7 business days (although it states 30 days on the website) and will only pay when your balance has hit the minimum amount of $20.

Share A Pic can be an excellent way of making money online from any images that you can use, though you have to be careful not to use copyrighted or adult images. The more places that you upload your pictures to, the more money you can expect to earn from Share A Pic.

Click here to open a free Share A Pic account